Notre Dame Moves Up To 18th In Latest Coaches Poll

Despite not playing, Notre Dame moved up four spots to No. 18 in the Coaches Poll after a weekend of surprising upsets.

Teams like Tennessee, Oklahoma State, and Kansas slipped in the rankings due to losses, creating opportunities for Notre Dame to advance.

Notre Dame jumped ahead of James Madison in the rankings, even though James Madison had a decisive win over UConn.

The top eight spots in the Coaches Poll remained unchanged, with all the top teams holding their positions.

 Louisville moved up two spots to No. 9 after a come-from-behind victory over Virginia and losses by Penn State and Ole Miss.

Notre Dame faced tough competition, with two of its losses coming from teams that were in the Top 10.

Notre Dame's previous No. 22 ranking was its lowest of the season, but the team has been ranked as high as No. 9 earlier in the season.

Prior to losses against Ohio State and Louisville, Notre Dame had a consistent presence in the Top 10 for multiple weeks.

Notre Dame's solid 44-6 win over UConn contributed to their upward movement in the rankings.

Despite setbacks, Notre Dame is making a comeback in the rankings, showing resilience in the face of challenging opponents.

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