Oshie Wearing Neck Guard For Capitals-islanders

Washington Capitals' T.J. Oshie is wearing a neck guard during games, inspired by a tragic incident involving player Adam Johnson.

The neck guard is part of Oshie's specially designed shirt, provided by his sports apparel company, Warroad.

Oshie's shirt features innovative "Padloc" technology in the sleeves to secure his elbow pads.

Due to high demand, Warroad has sold out of the TILO neck and wrist base layer tops for the general public.

Capitals' player Tom Wilson also tried out a shirt with a built-in neck guard and found it offered valuable protection.

The push for neck protection follows Adam Johnson's fatal injury from a skate blade during an overseas game.

NHL teams are encouraging their players to wear neck guards to prevent similar accidents.

Oshie and Wilson's adoption of neck protection shows the league's commitment to player safety.

Neck guards are a crucial addition to player gear to reduce the risk of severe injuries.

The NHL community is taking proactive steps to ensure the safety of its athletes.

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