Pac-12 Bowl Projections: Oregon, Washington Share CFP Support

Nine websites are predicting college football playoff teams, and there's a split opinion on whether Oregon or Washington will make it, adding an element of suspense.

Surprisingly, one expert from College Football Network suggests that Cal, with a current record of 4-6, could make it to the Independence Bowl against BYU. However, Cal needs to win its final two games to become bowl-eligible.

Be cautious about College Football Network's prediction for Cal because they also predict both Washington and Oregon to be in the national semifinal games, which seems unlikely.

Michigan is the only school projected to land in a national semifinal game by all nine experts, adding to the confidence in their playoff chances.

Georgia and Florida State are pegged for a national semifinal berth by eight out of nine sites, indicating strong support for their playoff potential.

Four experts believe Oregon will be in a playoff game, while three think the same for Washington, showcasing varying opinions on the Pac-12 teams.

Three websites don't predict either Pac-12 school to be in the College Football Playoff, emphasizing the uncertainty surrounding the conference's representation.

In contrast, three sites believe Texas will make it to the playoffs, showing diverse expectations for teams outside the Pac-12.

A lone prediction suggests that Alabama will reach the national semifinals, creating an interesting twist in the playoff projections.

Check out the detailed Pac-12 and College Football Playoff bowl projections from these nine sites at the end of this article for a comprehensive overview.

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