Packers Rookie Could Go From Inactive to Starter

Green Bay Packers' rookie, Ant Johnson, is gearing up for his potential first NFL start against the Los Angeles Rams.

There's a need to clarify that this is Anthony Johnson Jr., the safety from Iowa State, and not the other Anthony Johnson, who is a practice squad cornerback from Virginia.

The confusion between the two Johnsons began back at the Combine when everyone wasn't sure which Anthony was being referred to.

To avoid any mix-ups, the rookie safety goes by "Ant," while the rookie cornerback is known as "A.J."

Ant Johnson hasn't played in the first five games of the season. Still, he has had a few snaps on defense in the last two games.

The absence of veteran starter Darnell Savage due to injury and Rudy Ford's questionable status has opened up an opportunity for Ant Johnson to potentially start.

Ant Johnson emphasizes his readiness to start each week through meticulous preparation. He believes that staying ready is crucial in football.

His experience in the NFL has been quite different from his college years at Iowa State, where he started a record 54 games. 

Ant Johnson made his NFL debut against Denver, getting some snaps on defense and special teams. This trend continued in the game against Minnesota.

While the transition from being inactive to being in the thick of the action is unique, Ant Johnson enjoys the challenge and values the fun and excitement it brings.

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