Pat McAfee Names College Football Team In Danger Of Missing CFP

On The Pat McAfee Show, Bobby Carpenter, 'The General,' ranked college football teams, with Florida State placed at No. 5.

Despite being No. 4 in the College Football Playoff rankings, concerns arise about FSU's playoff spot due to their game history.

FSU's wins against teams like LSU, Clemson, and Duke, once seen as strong, are now considered mediocre, affecting their playoff chances.

FSU scheduled tough opponents, like LSU, showing their willingness to take on challenges.

The Seminoles' dominant performances, except for a couple of games, make them a strong contender.

A crucial game against the Florida Gators in the final week provides an opportunity for FSU to make an impression on the committee.

Winning convincingly against Florida could enhance FSU's standing, despite the opponent not being as strong as others.

FSU's playoff hopes hinge on winning all their games and securing the ACC Championship.

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