Phillies Add Two Relievers To The Bullpen Churn

Offseason moves in sports can sometimes have a big impact down the road, and small changes can lead to significant results.

When Dave Dombrowski took over in Philadelphia, one of his early moves was to bring in Jose Alvarado from the Tampa Bay Rays in a challenge trade.

The challenge for Alvarado was to improve his pitching accuracy or risk losing his job, and this decision has since paid off for the Phillies.

While the recent moves may not be as monumental, they are still noteworthy. The Phillies made a waiver claim and a trade with the Tampa Bay Rays for two players likely to be removed from the Rays' 40-man roster.

The departing players from Philadelphia, Leverett, Uelman, and Plassmeyer, were at the lower end of the team's roster and were potential candidates for replacement.

The incoming players, Fleming and Mercado, bring unique qualities to the team. Fleming is not known for powerful pitches but excels in keeping the ball on the ground and has been focusing on his secondary pitches.

Mercado, a relief pitcher, possesses strikeout abilities and the flexibility to use three different pitches. 

One key factor motivating these acquisitions is the players' potential and qualities that the team can work with.

Additionally, the Phillies may value Mercado's ability to move between the majors and minors, which gives the team flexibility in their roster decisions.

These moves align with the Phillies' strategy, allowing them to make tactical decisions as they aim for a successful season ahead.

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