Qualifying School Of Dp World Tour Stage 2

Eight Italian golf players are currently participating in Stage 2 of the Qualifying School for the DP World Tour.

The event is scheduled from November 2 to November 5 and is taking place across four golf courses in Spain.

Notably, during Stage 1 at the Bogogno Golf Club, held from November 2 to 5, five Italian players secured their places in Stage 2.

The successful players from Stage 1 include Filippo Beramaschi, Manfredi Manica, Enrico Di Nitto, Pietro Bovari, and Julien Paltrinieri.

Stage 2 will be hosted on various golf courses, such as Fontanals Golf Club in Girona, Golf Las Pinaillas in Albacete, Desert Springs Golf Club in Almería, and Isla Canela Links in Huelva.

The final list of players advancing to the next round will be determined during the tournament.

The ultimate showdown will take place at Infinitum Golf in Tarragona, Spain, on the Lakes Courses and Hills Courses, from November 10 to November 15.

Players who make it to the top 25 positions or tie for the 25th position will receive a 'card' for the 2024 golf circuit.

In the world of golf, there are standardized rules known as the "Rules of Golf," governed by The Royal & Ancient Golf Club St. Andrews.

In Italy, Federgolf plays a crucial role in overseeing golf competitions, ensuring adherence to R&A rules, and providing sports justice, all while safeguarding the interests of Italian golfers on the global stage.

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