Rangers Title Makes Vikings The Oldest 'big 4' Team Without A Title

The Minnesota Vikings, founded in 1961, hold the record for being the oldest North American team without a championship.

Despite their long history, the Vikings have lost four Super Bowls and endured numerous heartbreaking defeats.

Notable disappointments include their 2017 NFC Championship Game loss to the Philadelphia Eagles and the 2009 overtime loss to the New Orleans Saints.

The Vikings' 2001 loss to the New York Giants in the title game, known as the "41-donut" game, still stings.

The most painful memory for fans is the 1998-99 season when the 15-1 Vikings fell at home in overtime to the Atlanta Falcons with a Super Bowl appearance on the line.

The Texas Rangers, who began in 1961 as well, were the Washington Senators before relocating to Texas in 1972.

The "big four" sports in North America include the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB.

The Minnesota Twins have won championships in 1987 and 1991, making them the successful team in the state.

In the NHL, 11 teams have never won a championship, with five of them never reaching the Stanley Cup Final.

Similarly, in the NBA, 10 teams have never won a championship, and five of them have never reached the NBA Finals.

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