Ranking Texas A&M's top coaching contenders to succeed Jimbo Fisher

Texas A&M Fires Jimbo Fisher: Texas A&M has made the surprising decision to part ways with head coach Jimbo Fisher, despite a recent 51-10 victory over Mississippi State.

Inconsistent Tenure: Fisher's six-year stint at Texas A&M is marked by inconsistency, prompting questions about the team's performance and the future direction of the program.

Key Questions Raised: The firing raises key questions about Fisher's overall record at Texas A&M, the substantial $76.8 million buyout, and potential candidates to fill the coaching position.

Record-Breaking Buyout: Fisher's buyout is a staggering $76.8 million, setting a new record and sparking discussions about the rising costs of coaching buyouts in college football.

Concerns About Coaching Salaries: The significant buyout has raised concerns about the financial landscape of college football, with experts questioning the consistency of these large payouts with the missions of non-profit educational entities.

Potential Replacements: Several coaching candidates are being considered to replace Fisher, including Dan Lanning from Oregon, Lane Kiffin from Ole Miss, Mike Elko from Duke, Kalen DeBoer from Washington, and Jeff Traylor from UTSA.

Dan Lanning's Appeal: Lanning, currently at Oregon, stands out for his impressive record and aggressive coaching style, making him a potential fit for Texas A&M.

Lane Kiffin's Consideration: Ole Miss coach Lane Kiffin, with a contract extending to 2026, is also in the running, boasting a notable track record in the SEC.

Mike Elko's Success: Duke coach Mike Elko, a former Texas A&M defensive coordinator, is gaining attention for his success at Duke and effective use of the transfer portal.

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