Ref errors marked LSU women's title win vs. Iowa, reviews find

LSU's controversial win in last year's NCAA women's basketball tournament raised concerns about officiating.

The NCAA conducted a review of the tournament officiating after criticism from the LSU-Iowa game.

The accuracy of officiating in the championship game fell below the usual 91% target, registering around 88%.

An independent review found the accuracy was even lower than 88%, highlighting specific errors during the game.

North Carolina coach Courtney Banghart expressed concern about officiating and hoped the findings would be shared with coaches.

The NCAA review was conducted by the Pictor Group and offered six observations and recommendations to improve officiating.

The NCAA updated its rulebook, making changes that would have affected last season's title game.

For the upcoming NCAA tournament, 116 officials and five alternates will be working, with 94 additional officials for the Women's Basketball Invitational Tournament.

The review focused on the NCAA tournament, while individual conferences govern officials during the regular season.

The NCAA is taking steps to provide better education and training for its women's basketball officiating committee and subcommittee.

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