SEC Championship Game 2023: Georgia-Alabama schedule, history

Winning the SEC Championship Game is crucial in college football, with every winner since 2014 advancing to the College Football Playoff semifinals.

Even if a team doesn't secure the SEC title, they still have a chance to make the playoff, thanks to the SEC's strong influence in the national championship picture.

This year's SEC Championship features Georgia, the East Division champion, facing a surprising West Division champ, Alabama, in Atlanta.

Discover how to watch the game and get insights into the teams that have historically dominated this championship matchup.

The SEC Championship winner usually earns a direct spot in the national championship, playing in the Sugar Bowl unless chosen for a playoff semifinal.

Since 1992, 14 teams that won the SEC title game went on to clinch the national championship, showcasing the conference's dominance.

Since 2014, every SEC Championship Game winner has made it to the College Football Playoff, boasting an 8-1 record in the semifinals and a 4-4 record in the CFP national championship.

Two of the CFP national championship losses by SEC winners were against other SEC teams, adding an interesting twist to the conference's playoff history.

Texas A&M Fires Jimbo Fisher: Texas A&M has made the surprising decision to part ways with head coach Jimbo Fisher, despite a recent 51-10 victory over Mississippi State.

 Looking back to the BCS era, SEC champions sometimes reached the national championship game but faced losses against other formidable SEC opponents.

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