Snacks That Are Good For You And Help You Lose Weight

1. Kale or veggie chips

If you usually snack on chips, this one is for you. You're missing out if you've never tried kale chips. 

2. Green smoothie

A green smoothie is another great way to sneak in some vegetables while satisfying a snack urge.

Green smoothie

A green smoothie is just a smoothie that is mostly made of green veggies. Don't worry, a small amount of fruit can give these drinks a light, crisp taste that makes them a good choice. 

3. Hard-boiled eggs and grapes 

Eggs have a lot of good fats and protein. When you mix them with a handful of sweet and refreshing grapes, you have a simple and filling lunch. 

4. Deli meat and cheese roll-ups

This next snack choice is about as easy as it gets. You can make a high-protein, filling snack by rolling up your favorite sandwich meat with your choice of cheese. 

5. Cashew butter stuffed dates

These sweet drupes taste like caramel and feel like candy because they are chewy. 

6. Oatmeal 

Even though oatmeal is often eaten for breakfast, it can also be a filling snack. Oatmeal is low in calories and full of nutrients. 

Optimal Snack Choices For Weight Management