Steelers to Add Former Packers LB

The Pittsburgh Steelers are set to promote Tariq Carpenter from the practice squad in Week 10 to bolster their inside linebacker depth.

Carpenter is expected to step in following the loss of Cole Holcomb, providing valuable support to the team.

Despite being an undrafted rookie, Carpenter has been preparing for this opportunity since the beginning of the season.

Coach Aaron Curry has played a crucial role in teaching Carpenter the linebacker position, acknowledging his newcomer status to the position.

Carpenter transitioned from playing safety to linebacker during the summer, making a significant move to better serve the team.

This weekend's game will mark Carpenter's first chance to showcase his skills in an actual NFL game after joining the Steelers' practice squad in September.

Originally making the Green Bay Packers' 53-man roster, Carpenter's NFL debut will ironically be against his former team.

Carpenter expresses his excitement about wearing the Steelers' jersey and aims to make a positive impact on the field.

His goal is to leave a lasting impression, solidifying his place on the team and earning the opportunity to wear the Steelers' jersey again in future games.

The promotion highlights Carpenter's dedication, growth, and readiness to contribute to the Pittsburgh Steelers' defensive lineup.

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