Tennis-sabalenka Slams Wta For Court Conditions In Cancun

World's top-ranked female tennis player, Aryna Sabalenka, expressed concerns about the safety of newly-constructed tennis courts in Cancun, Mexico during the WTA Finals.

Sabalenka won her opening match but criticized the WTA, the governing body of women's tennis, for the poor conditions at the tournament.

She felt the court's bounce was inconsistent, and players had limited practice time on it.

The Estadio Paradisus, where the tournament took place, was completed just days before the event, causing logistical challenges.

The WTA responded, stating they put in great effort to meet performance standards despite weather-related issues.

Sabalenka's disappointment was solely directed at the WTA, not the local organizers or Mexican fans.

She emphasized her appreciation for those who worked hard to make the tournament happen.

The WTA expressed excitement about hosting the Finals in Cancun for the first time.

Sabalenka's Instagram post highlighted the disparity between player expectations and the organization of the event.

Despite her concerns, Sabalenka expressed her happiness to be in Mexico but remained upset with the WTA and the court conditions.

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