Texas A&M needs a Jimbo Fisher replacement. These coaches are the five best options

Jimbo Fisher's Departure: Texas A&M bids farewell to Jimbo Fisher, receiving a historic $77 million payout, highlighting challenges in translating recruiting success to on-field victories.

Directionless Program: Despite uncertainty, Texas A&M remains an attractive coaching destination with significant draw in coaching circles, attributed to factors like talent, SEC exposure, and financial backing.

Top Talent for Turnaround: The Aggies boast the nation's fourth-best roster, providing the next coach ample resources for a quick turnaround and a chance to work with standout quarterback Connor Weigman.

SEC Opportunity: Coaching in the SEC, the premier college football league, offers a prime opportunity, especially as discussions about potential super leagues emerge in the college football landscape.

Financial Backing: Money is not a hurdle for Texas A&M, evident from the substantial payout to Jimbo Fisher. The school is ready to make a significant investment in securing a new coach.

Dan Lanning (Oregon Coach): Lanning, known for transforming Oregon into a physical team, is a strong candidate with SEC experience, despite limited Texas connections.

Jeff Traylor (UTSA Coach): A Texas native with deep connections, Traylor's success at UTSA and ability to resonate with the Texas A&M community make him an intriguing coaching prospect.

Mike Norvell (Florida State Coach): With FSU's resurgence, Norvell is a proven coach with the flexibility to adapt, making him a compelling option amid the ACC's uncertain future.

Kalen DeBoer (Washington Coach): DeBoer's recent success at Washington, especially with quarterbacks, makes him a compelling option, although factors like his comfort at UW and their move to the Big Ten need consideration.

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