Texas A&M Players Who Could Enter the Transfer Portal

Moose Muhammad, WR: Son of former NFL player Muhsin Muhammad, Moose may leave Texas A&M due to issues with the coach. North Carolina could be a potential fit for his skills.

Evan Stewart, WR: Despite low stats, Evan Stewart is a valuable player known for big plays. If he leaves Texas A&M, he could be a top choice for other teams.

Shemar Turner, DL: Turner might consider going pro, but staying in school could boost his draft stock. His raw talent and potential make him an attractive option for other teams.

Conner Weigman, QB: A key part of Texas A&M's top-ranked recruiting class, Weigman's potential could attract offers from other teams as he recovers from injuries.

Max & Jake Johnson: If Max Johnson leaves Texas A&M, his brother Jake might follow suit. Both players are part of the team.

Rueben Owens, RB: Despite having seen action, Owens might leave Texas A&M, considering the competition among running backs on the team.

Walter Nolan, OL: Nolan's standout performances on the defense, with 7.5 tackles for loss and 4.0 sacks, make him a sought-after player for other teams.

Fadil Diggs, EDGE: Known for wreaking havoc on opposing offenses, Diggs might choose to go pro or transfer. His size and skills as an edge player make him valuable.

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