The 6 most exciting hair trends for 2023

1. Curl-ready hairstyles

This year, hairstyles were influenced by the 1970s, with shags, choppy fringes, and untamed curls gaining popularity as the year progressed. 

Curl-ready hairstyles

In my salon, the rounded Afro is the most requested cut; it keeps your curls healthy and vibrant.

2. Accessories galore

The large bows braided into hairstyles at Chanel's recent Metiers D'Art 2023 show and French influencer.

Accessories galore

Camille Charriere's delicate beaded bridal hair are harbingers of the new year's trends. 

3. An expensive finish

Even if you're not yet swayed by the glossy blow dry, you can still delve into this trend by giving your hair a polished finish, regardless of its length.

An expensive finish

A professional blow dry is the only way to achieve this polished, expensive-looking hai.

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