The Astros' views on Jose Altuve and Alex Bregman's futures

Astros and GM Dana Brown express interest in extending contracts for infielders Jose Altuve and Alex Bregman.

Doubts arise about reaching a deal with Bregman, who signed a five-year extension in 2019, leaving one year and $28.5 million on the contract.

Bregman's performance has slightly declined from his peak in 2018-2019, despite still being an excellent player.

The Astros have a history of avoiding long-term deals for players deep into their careers.

Bregman is set to enter free agency before his age-31 season, potentially commanding a solid payday.

The Astros' core faces significant free agency challenges, with key players like Altuve and Bregman nearing the end of their contracts.

Astros prioritize extensions, but the current sentiment suggests Altuve's deal is more likely than Bregman's.

Negotiations may unfold during Spring Training, a common period for contract discussions.

Astros' winter priorities include a backup catcher and bullpen, possibly providing room for extension talks with Altuve and Bregman.

The Astros face uncertainties as they balance existing commitments, potential future extensions, and the desire of players like Bregman to explore the open market.

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