The Bills can get some help in Week 11 toward their playoff hopes

Bills Playoff Hopes: After a challenging Week 10, the Buffalo Bills are now 5-5 and need help to secure a playoff spot in the competitive AFC.

AFC North Battle: The AFC North teams are in a Wild Card chase, making Week 11 crucial for playoff contention.

Tiebreaker Scenarios: The tie between Indianapolis, Buffalo, and Las Vegas is initially decided by AFC record, favoring the Colts.

Division Tiebreakers: In a tie involving teams from the same division, division tiebreakers are used.

Jets vs. Bills: Buffalo needs a win against the New York Jets to improve their playoff chances. Currently at a 20% likelihood, a loss could drop them to just 5%.

Raiders vs. Dolphins: The Las Vegas Raiders, tied with the Bills, aim to beat the Miami Dolphins. Buffalo owns the tiebreaker, and winning the AFC East is crucial for the Bills' playoff aspirations.

Cardinals vs. Texans: In an unexpected twist, the Arizona Cardinals need to defeat the Houston Texans, who currently hold a Wild Card position in the AFC.

NFC vs. AFC: An NFC team like the Cardinals beating an AFC team (Texans) would be beneficial for the Bills' playoff hopes.

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