The Most Detrimental Low-carb Foods For Weight Loss

Alcoholic beverages, especially mixed drinks and cocktails, can be laden with carbs. Beer, sweet wines, and sugary mixers are carb-heavy culprits. 

1. Alcohol

If you indulge, opt for low-carb options like vodka with soda water and a twist of lemon.

Similar to protein bars, some low-carb snack bars are wolves in sheep's clothing. They can be high in carbs and artificial additives. 

2. Low-Carb" Snack Bars

Check the nutritional information before snacking.

Pre-packaged low-carb foods like chips, cookies, and other snacks can be deceiving. 

3. Processed "Low-Carb" Foods

They often contain unhealthy fats and preservatives that can undermine your weight loss efforts. 

Sugar-free doesn't mean carb-free. 

4. Sugar-Free Candy

Many sugar-free candies contain sugar alcohols, which can affect blood sugar levels. Enjoy these treats in moderation.

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