The Wild Legal Theory to Save Jim Harbaugh

Unusual Discussion at Legal Convention: Professor Daniel Crane, a Michigan Law professor, found himself discussing his school's football scandal at a legal convention instead of the usual legal topics.

Sign-Stealing Scandal at Michigan: The University of Michigan's football team faced a controversy about stealing signs from opponents during games, drawing attention in the sports world.

Unique Defense Theory: Professor Crane, a Michigan fan, proposed a unique defense theory. He suggested that the NCAA rule Michigan supposedly violated might be unenforceable because it could go against antitrust laws.

Crane's Background: Crane clarified that, despite being a Michigan fan, he was speaking as an antitrust scholar and not representing the university officially. 

Michigan's Football and Law School Ranking: The University of Michigan is known for having a top-10 football team and a top-10 law school. Faculty members, including Professor Crane, entertained legal defenses for the football team's coach, Jim Harbaugh.

Big Ten Suspension: Jim Harbaugh faced a three-game suspension from the Big Ten due to an alleged impermissible scouting operation by his team over multiple years.

Legal Action by Harbaugh: Harbaugh took legal action against the Big Ten, claiming a breach of contract in his suspension. 

Crane's Antitrust Argument: Professor Crane argued that the NCAA rule preventing in-person scouting of opponents, implemented in 1994 as a cost-cutting measure, might be legally questionable under antitrust laws.

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