These 4 Zodiacs Will Have Passionate Love Affairs This Weekend

Late summer, Libra, you become a villain. Now you know how to assertively ask for and receive what you want. 

1. Libra

After working hard to please them in bed, your lovers will be eager to make you the star of the show this last weekend in September.

This time is about you, so expect to be pampered. Justice always requires balance. 

People may be shocked to learn that you are sexually picky despite your desire to flirt and push boundaries in the bedroom. 

2. Sagittarius

You are one of the Zodiac's fiery lovers. Despite your seductive promises, you always torment your lovers.

Taurus, when are you not having insane bedroom passion? But I digress. 


Your September weekend will be different, Taurus. You like taking charge, and your September partner will assist you nurture.

You're used to ruling the bedroom, but this weekend in September you'll be humbled. 


You've been building sexual tension and chemistry with your partner, and you're finally ready to try playing both sides and being more submissive.

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