These Foods Have Fooled You. They Are Not As Healthy As You Might Think

Bottled smoothies sometimes have high sugar, preservative, and artificial ingredient content, reducing their nutritional value and perhaps increasing calorie intake.

Bottled smoothies

Flavored yogurts often have significant amounts of added sugars, artificial sweeteners, and artificial flavors, negating its health benefits.

Flavored Yogurt

To make up for the lower fat level, producers add sugar, corn syrup, or other fillers to boost flavor. 

Peanut butter

Many vegetarian chips are deep-fried or processed, making them heavy in calories and sodium. 

Veggie chips

Sports drinks are supposed to replenish electrolytes and energy during exercise. They contain extra sugars and calories.

Sports drinks

Multigrain bread may seem healthy, but unless it's 100% whole grain, it may contain refined grains without fiber or minerals. 

Multigrain bread

Many commercial fruit juices include additional sugars and lack fiber and minerals from whole fruits.

Fruit juice

Rice cakes are known for their minimal calories and guiltlessness. Their high processing removes minerals, fiber, and protein. 

Rice cakes

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