Three NFL Week 9 Coaching Decisions We Liked, and Three We Didn’t

Vikings Coach's Praise: Vikings coach Kevin O'Connell commends Joshua Dobbs for his role in a thrilling win against the Falcons.

Playbook Guidance: O'Connell's detailed plays and instructions to Dobbs were crucial in navigating the game, much like using GPS in unfamiliar territory.

Language Barrier Analogy: Dobbs compared O'Connell's instructions to taking a challenging foreign language exam after learning a different language all year.

Unexpected Hero: Dobbs wasn't supposed to play but was called into action after just joining the team following a trade from the Cardinals.

Coaching Support: O'Connell provided Dobbs with constant guidance through his helmet, explaining plays and positioning of teammates.

Predicting the Opposition: O'Connell even accurately predicted how the Falcons would defend in specific game situations.

No-Huddle Strategy: O'Connell's decision to go no-huddle allowed more time for communication with Dobbs, highlighting his coaching skills.

Game Ball Rewards: O'Connell recognized the entire team's efforts with game balls, and he rightfully earned one for guiding Dobbs to a heroic performance.

Saints' Versatile Playmaker: The New Orleans Saints' use of Taysom Hill's versatile skills, which include throwing, catching, and running, has been crucial in their recent successes.

Texans' Second-Half Rally: The Texans' offensive coordinator, Bobby Slowik, played a key role in their comeback victory against the Buccaneers by making effective second-half play calls.

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