Three-Quarter Season Pac-12 All-Conference Picks

We're now entering the final part of the season, with only a quarter (or a sixth if you follow USC) of the regular season games left.

These remaining games will likely feature the top contenders for season-ending awards, unless there are unexpected injuries or sudden surges in performance.

This exercise helps us understand which players are performing well in the conference.

It also highlights the teams that are doing exceptionally well without star players, such as Utah.

On the other hand, it reveals teams that are underperforming despite having talented individual players, like USC.

There are differences between the selected players and the ones officially recognized by the conference.

The official positions used for offense and defense can sometimes be outdated.

The official conference list includes 2 running backs and 2 wide receivers on offense.

In contrast, the rewritten list uses 1 running back and 3 wide receivers, which is more in line with modern football strategies.

The decisions about which players to include in each position were based on their playing styles and contributions to their respective teams, even though their statistics may look similar.

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