Three Takeaways From Colorado's Loss To No. 16 Oregon State

The Colorado Buffaloes suffered a tough 26-19 loss to the 16th-ranked Oregon State in their recent game.

The game was marred by mistakes and miscues from both players and coaches, making it a challenging match for the Buffaloes.

The Buffaloes are hoping to secure two wins in their final three games to secure a spot in the postseason.

In the game, the Buffaloes' quarterback, Deion Sanders' son, played despite not being fully healthy. He faced numerous hits but was determined to stay in the game.

The decision to keep him in the game raised questions about whether the right call was made by the coaching staff.

The Buffaloes' offensive line needs to improve to protect the quarterback better and prevent sacks.

A change was made as Pat Shurmur took over play-calling duties from offensive coordinator Sean Lewis. Shurmur, a former NFL coach, called plays from the booth.

This change didn't produce the expected results, as the total yards dropped significantly compared to games when Lewis called the plays.

Deion Sanders, the head coach, is urged to bring in top-tier coaches and expand his support staff to strengthen the team.

The goal is to improve the Buffaloes' performance and build towards a brighter future, potentially by bringing in seasoned coaches like Byron Leftwich and Warren Sapp and focusing on recruiting.

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