Tom Brady To Assist In Selecting New Raiders Head Coach And General Manager Despite Ownership Issues

Tom Brady's potential involvement in choosing the next head coach for the Las Vegas Raiders has sparked interest among NFL fans and followers.

Raiders owner Mark Davis recently fired head coach Josh McDaniels and GM Dave Ziegler, leaving the team with an interim coach, Antonio Pierce.

Despite not finalizing his minority ownership share with the Raiders, Tom Brady might be asked for his input on the next head coach.

Brady's ownership deal faced a hurdle due to concerns about the discount he was receiving, causing delays in the process.

Mark Davis and Tom Brady share a close friendship, making Brady's advice valuable in decision-making for the team.

NFL insider Jonathan Jones from CBS revealed that sources indicate Mark Davis may rely on Tom Brady and team executives for guidance on leadership choices.

It remains a question of whether Mark Davis will hire a general manager or head coach first. Jones believes a GM will be the initial hire.

Pierce led the team to a significant victory over the New York Giants with a score of 30-6 shortly after Josh McDaniels' departure.

The collaboration between Mark Davis and Tom Brady in selecting the Raiders' next head coach adds an intriguing dimension to the team's future.

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