Unexpected Food Combinations For Weight Loss

Sandwiches With Cheese And Mayonnaise

A lot of extra calories will be added to your deli sandwich if you ask for cheese and mayonnaise.

This is due to the high levels of saturated fat and salt in both the cheese and the mayonnaise.

Unfortunately, these sandwich combinations are incredibly good, making it easy to consume too many of them. 

Mayonnaise, because to its high fat content, is also high in calories; in fact, it has more calories than either butter or olive oil, as Novak explains.

French Fries And Soda

You undoubtedly know that eating a lot of french fries and drink can make you gain weight, cause inflammation

It should thus come as no surprise that consuming french fries and drink combined is a recipe for a rapid increase in blood sugar levels due to the high concentrations of simple carbs

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