Unheralded Steelers Coach Gets Big Job with Canada on Sideline

The Pittsburgh Steelers recently experimented with a fresh coaching strategy that caught the attention of football enthusiasts. 

This was a departure from the norm, where offensive coordinators typically operate from the elevated booth.

The game in question turned out to be a nail-biter, with the Steelers emerging victorious against a formidable opponent, the Tennessee Titans, by a score of 20-16.

The innovative sideline coaching approach yielded positive feedback from key players. 

Traditionally, offensive coordinators prefer to operate from the booth during games. 

From the booth, coordinators can see the entire field and strategically assess the game's dynamics. 

Even with Canada on the sideline, the coaching team ensured a seamless line of communication with offensive assistant Glenn Thomas stationed in the booth.

Glenn Thomas, a newcomer to the Steelers' coaching staff, played a pivotal role in maintaining communication between the sideline and the booth. 

The objective of this new coaching arrangement was to simplify communication. 

So far, the new setup has shown promise. The Steelers managed to secure a critical victory, and the improved communication between the coaching staff and the players has been a notable highlight. 

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