Unpredictable Trio Of Zodiac Signs

Taurus assumes you know their thoughts and feelings. They unintentionally appear mysterious. Unaware of their actions. 


Their feelings are difficult to read, unless they are stubborn or impatient.

Tauruses are straightforward about their feelings. It was obvious! Taurus is not obvious. They will inform you if you ask.

Scorpio is unsurprisingly on this list, especially to themselves. They are emotional but won't share their feelings.


They hide their emotions when you ask what's wrong. Pressure reduces the likelihood of acceptance. 

Scorpio shows emotions, but Aquarius does not. Scorpios are not very expressive with their emotions. 


hey look as impassive as usual. Reading them is nearly impossible. 

Most book covers are blank. Asking about their feelings may not be helpful. Learn micro-expressions to understand emotions, but it takes time.

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