Urban Meyer Names Three Teams Who Are A 'Major Challenge' To The Committee

Every year, the College Football Playoff rankings stir up debate about the top teams and their rankings.

The committee has different criteria for ranking teams, such as their overall record or on-field performance.

Over time, the rankings tend to sort themselves out as teams play against each other or experience upsets.

The latest rankings sparked disagreement, especially concerning one-loss teams.

Urban Meyer believes teams like Alabama, Texas, and Oregon are among the best in the country and pose a significant challenge for the committee.

Meyer argues that when you watch the film and analyze the style of play, these teams deserve to be in the top four.

Winning out is crucial for these teams, and if they do, there's a good chance all three could make it to the playoff.

Alabama's potential win against Georgia, Texas' strong season with victories over ranked teams, and Oregon beating Washington are key scenarios.

Meyer emphasizes that the committee is making the right decisions based on the teams' skills and athletes.

The College Football Playoff picture remains dynamic, and the rankings are expected to evolve as the season progresses.

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