Veteran infielder gets traded for third time in his career

New Player Alert: The A’s have traded for infielder Abraham Toro from the Brewers, adding a potential asset to their team.

Player Exchange: In return, the A’s sent minor league pitcher Chad Patrick to the Brewers, making room on the team for the incoming player.

Roster Space Available: The A’s had existing vacancies on their 40-man roster, eliminating the need for additional moves to accommodate Toro.

Toro's Trading History: Toro, 27, has been traded three times in his career, with his most recent stint with the Brewers not resulting in significant playing time.

Minor League Performance: Toro spent most of his time with the Brewers in their Triple-A team, posting solid numbers with a .291 batting average over 414 plate appearances.

Milwaukee's Infield Dynamics: Despite Toro's success in the minors, the Brewers opted for other infield options, making Toro a non-tender candidate approaching the deadline.

Oakland's Infield Needs: The A’s, facing openings in their infield, particularly at second base, see Toro as a potential solution to bolster their lineup.

Arbitration Eligibility: Toro is eligible for arbitration through 2026, providing the A’s with a longer-term option as they navigate a potentially uncompetitive season.

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