Vikings Announce Starting Qb For Week 10

The Vikings faced a challenging start without their regular quarterback, Kirk Cousins, due to an injury.

Rookie quarterback Jaren Hall made his debut but had to leave the game early because of a concussion.

In a surprising turn of events, Josh Dobbs, a recent addition to the Vikings, took over after Hall's injury.

Dobbs led the team to an impressive comeback victory, throwing a game-winning touchdown in the final moments, earning him the chance to start in the next game.

Head coach Kevin O’Connell named Josh Dobbs as the projected Week 10 starter for the Vikings.

Jaren Hall, who suffered a concussion, is in the concussion protocol, making his availability uncertain for the next game against the Saints.

With another quarterback option, Nick Mullens, on the injured list, the Vikings have turned to Dobbs as their top choice.

Cousins' injury prompted the Vikings to acquire an experienced backup quarterback in Josh Dobbs.

Jaren Hall had a limited opportunity to showcase his skills before his injury, leaving the Vikings evaluating their quarterback situation for the future.

Josh Dobbs, known for his ability to step in on short notice, faces the challenge of leading the Vikings in his first start, and it will be intriguing to see how he performs agains.

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