Vikings-Bears Monday night matchup will not be flexed

Vikings' Prime-Time Streak: Josh Dobbs and the Vikings are gearing up for back-to-back prime-time games in the NFL.

Game Confirmation: A spokesperson for the Vikings confirmed that the Nov. 27 Monday night game against the Bears will not be moved.

Busy Schedule: This means the Vikings will face the Broncos on Sunday night and then take on the Bears in Minneapolis on Monday Night Football the following week.

NFL Deadline: The NFL had until Nov. 15 to decide if they were going to change the Nov. 27 game, following a rule that requires at least 12 days' notice for schedule adjustments.

Flex Option Rules: The NFL can only use the flex option twice for Sunday Night Football between Weeks 5-10, but from Weeks 11-17, they have more flexibility.

Monday Night Flexibility: Starting from Week 12, the NFL can make changes for Monday Night Football as they see fit.

Thanksgiving Week Challenges: Week 12, which includes the Nov. 27 game, poses challenges for scheduling changes due to Thanksgiving, with fewer options and potential travel issues.

Holiday Week Details: Thanksgiving week features three games on Thursday, Nov. 22, one on Friday, Nov. 23 (Jets-Dolphins), and a packed schedule of 11 games on Sunday, Nov. 26.

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