What Is the Best Diet to Lose Weight

1. Mediterranean Diet

You consume mostly fish and poultry for protein, but red meat is allowed occasionally.

Mediterranean Diet

Weight loss but also may increase your lifespan and protect you from a number of chronic ailments.

2. Ketogenic Diet

Carbohydrates account for just around 5% of total calories on the ketogenic diet.

Ketogenic Diet

On keto, 60–70% of your daily caloric intake will instead come from fat.

Ketogenic Diet

Studies have shown that the ketogenic diet can help people lose weight quickly, sometimes even more so than more well-known diet plans.

3. WW formerly Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers, helps you adopt a diet that is low in calories, fat, and sugar while increasing your protein intake.

4. Cooking Light Diet

The focus of the Cooking Light Diet is on reducing caloric intake. Sticking to your daily calorie goal is rule number one.