Why NHRA Legacies Tanner, Taylor Gray Are Staying Put in NASCAR

Tanner Gray, a 24-year-old NASCAR driver, transitioned from a successful drag racing career to NASCAR.

He and his younger brother, Taylor, are now teammates for the Toyota-supported Tricon Garage NASCAR team.

The Gray family has a rich history in drag racing, but they have fully embraced their NASCAR careers.

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Tanner Gray felt like the "new kid" when he first entered the NASCAR world, but he has since built strong relationships with his NASCAR team.

He made a brief return to drag racing, feeling nervous and disconnected from the sport he once excelled in.

Tanner initially struggled in NASCAR, but he believes he's making progress with the right team and support.

The Gray brothers are fully committed to their NASCAR careers and have left behind their drag racing roots.

Tanner's goal is to continue improving and being competitive in NASCAR.

Taylor Gray adopts an approach of making no enemies, even if not everyone likes him in the Truck Series.

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