Why The Cardinals Are Adrift Again In 2023

The Arizona Cardinals faced quarterback uncertainty in Week 9.

Initially, Josh Dobbs was named the starter, but plans changed.

The Cardinals are dealing with ongoing challenges in the 2023 season.

They're often compared to the chaotic Keystone Cops.

Rookie GM and head coaching mistakes have added to their struggles.

The decision now lies between Clayton Tune and Kyler Murray for the starting quarterback role.

Suggestions lean towards giving Tune a chance, considering the team's 1-7 record.

Clayton Tune, a rookie, has shown potential in preseason games.

Kyler Murray has faced setbacks due to injuries and had a tough year in 2022.

The Cardinals have relied on their defense, lacking offensive consistency, and have been passive in mid-season trade decisions, which may not be the best approach in the competitive NFL.

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