Zodiacs Ranked From Lucky To Cursed

You're doubly and triply blessed—you always have a security squad of angels in sharply pressed business suits and fancy sunglasses.

1. Virgo

You find $100 banknotes on sidewalks. You're the only one who finds a four-leaf clover while tiptoeing across meadows in spring with all your friends.

2. Scorpio

You were sunborn. Good looks, confidence. If Las Vegas was your next vacation spot, you'd probably leave with everything.

3. Leo

Family and career have been good to you. You're also lucky that you look better than your family and coworkers.

4. Taurus

You experience long periods of terrible luck followed by good luck. You must endure bad streaks and capitalize on favorable ones.

5. Aries

The wind blows both ways for you. You have great love luck but terrible financial luck.

6. Pisces

Have you found that planning ahead improves your “luck”? A clue. Learn to distinguish bad luck from terrible choices.

7. Cancer

Dear butterfly, life has been unjust to you. You got a poor hand. Life has dealt you some major curveballs, so you may feel paranoid.

8. Sagittarius

It always rains on your parade. It seems like months without the sun.

9. Libra

Every dice throw yields snake eyes. Blackjack always yields 22. Always draw 13 while receiving lottery numbers. It's usually darkest before the morning, so be hopeful.

10. Capricorn

Good luck: you were born stubborn despite all the bad luck. That which doesn't kill you makes you a badass, they say.

11. Aquarius

No breaks, man. It seems you were born beneath a negative sign, dark cloud, or unbreakable hex. Once in a while, you'll ruin excellent luck.

12. Gemini

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