Ex-Cubs manager David Ross has mixed feelings after getting replaced by Craig Counsell

Ex-Cubs manager David Ross has mixed feelings after getting replaced by Craig Counsell

This past week, the Chicago Cubs unexpectedly appointed Craig Counsell as their new manager, notwithstanding the New York Mets and Milwaukee Brewers’ intense competition for his services, with the latter two teams hopeful to retain him.

This resulted in the unemployment of David Ross. Except for Counsell’s sudden availability, he was terminated without any discernible reason.

Following an outstanding second half in 2023, Ross nearly led the Cubbies back to the postseason after serving as captain for four seasons.

Although the decision to release him appeared to be an arbitrary choice, the former catcher remains appreciative of the opportunity despite expressing some displeasure with the way in which events transpired.

Via the Tallahassee Democrat:
“To be candid, the emotion that flows through me is profound gratitude for the opportunity,” David Ross stated in an exclusive interview with the Tallahassee Democrat on Thursday.

“There were many individuals who collaborated with me in a rigorous manner… I am extremely grateful for the four years I spent managing such a phenomenal organization that had such a profound effect on my life, especially considering that I entered the position with no coaching experience.

Excellent individuals are present. Sincerely, I do not have a great deal of criticism to offer.

“Although I occasionally experience anger, I sincerely appreciate the abundance of blessings in my life.”

There is essentially no animosity between David Ross and the Chicago Cubs, given that he served as their manager for four years during his debut season. Regardless, an element of him will undoubtedly perpetually ponder the possibilities of what might be.

However, Chicago undoubtedly selected the ideal leader for their journey into the future. A record-setting five-year, $40 million contract was earned by Counsell, who is regarded as one of the finest captains in the Major Leagues. This will establish a precedent for future compensation of administrators, including Ross potentially. His feet ought to have landed elsewhere.

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  1. As a player, David Ross was awesome. But , as a manager, I can’t say the same. He certainly wasn’t the worst manager in Cubs’ history, but I just don’t think he was manager material.

    I wish him the best of luck, and I’m sure there will be a spot for Ross in the baseball world.

    Thank you David.

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