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Dark Secret Behind Grocery Store Rotisserie Chicken

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Avoid ready-made foods and cook from scratch if you want to save money. This is one of the oldest pieces of cooking advice known to man.

For example, a batch of cookies costs 39 cents, but a boxed mix costs more than $2. Also, cut fruit costs only $2.75 per pound, but a pineapple that’s already cut costs $4.28.

This is especially true for ready-to-eat meals, which cost almost twice as much as the food you need to make them. But fried chicken is the only food that doesn’t follow this rule.

Yes, the usual whole, raw chicken is more expensive in most grocery stores than the same chicken roasted on a spit.

If you’re in a hurry, it seems like a better deal to buy a dinner that’s already made and doesn’t need to be cleaned, stuffed, seasoned, and roasted at home. So why do grilled chickens cost so little?

It looks like there’s a secret to your pre-roasted chicken. A story from the educational TV station KCET in California says that the golden, juicy rotisserie chickens in grocery stores are often the raw chickens that were not sold and are about to go bad.

Since they are sold for less, grocery shops make less money than if they sold the chickens raw, but a lot more money than if they threw the chickens away. Here is a list of the best-fried chicken you can buy at the store.

Grocery shops often find new uses for things that haven’t sold yet. Consultants for supermarkets say that meat and veggies are often thrown into ready-made salads or deli items to cut down on waste.

A lot of chicken, even chickens that don’t sell, is cut up and put in thick chicken salad.

That’s the trick. Does this move that saves money make your day better or worse?

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